Meet The C.E.O.

Stephanie Abney started in the Lash Industry in January 2016 .  Something she started off doing for extra money for herself and her daughter turned into her passion. Which lead to her leaving her full time employer in March of 2019, and opening up her own lash bar. Stephanie also  completed school in 2019 to become a Professional Esthetician. In her salon she offers classic , hybrid and volume eyelash extensions. 

When Stephanie is not in her lash bar enhancing her lovely clients beauty, she is training other women using her unique techniques that make her stand out in this million dollar industry. Her lash course ranges from application, sanitation, marketing and even a lifetime of mentoring . 



Out of everything in this industry I enjoy connecting with my clients and fellow lash technicians whether it’s via social media or a networking event. I’m a firm believer your networth is your network. So if I hear a client say they sell soaps, or they print shirts I instantly go into help mode to help another business women out. One of the key things I genuinely appreciate is when you step foot into Mink’d It Lash Studio you can feel & see the women empowerment amongst the staff and clients. 



I look forward to meeting you and thank you in advance for your business, you are greatly appreciated! Love and blessings to all . 


-Stephanie 💕